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Newsletter 2020

    ​​Friends of Saint Ann’s
Kingston, New York​​
Dear Friends,
We extend our warmest greetings to everyone who has come to St. Ann’s Church to join together in worship as well as to all of you inside and outside the Town of Kingston who have supported our efforts to preserve the legacy of St. Ann’s Church and Cemetery.
Unfortunately, this year we have had to cancel all scheduled meetings and masses as
well as building improvements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In spite of these challenges we were still able to accomplish the following:
  1. Clean 13 gravestones bringing the total to 180 stones (Thank you volunteers!)
  2. Filled and leveled low areas of some gravestones
  3. Cared for and maintained the church and cemetery
We thank all of the volunteers and donors who generously gave their support during this difficult time. We hope to restart masses and meetings in the spring for 2021.
Our goals for 2021 are as follows:
  1. Continue resetting and leveling the gravestones in the cemetery
  2. Make repairs to the metal ceiling inside the church
  3. Continue to make repairs to the outside of the church
  4. Continue to care for and maintain the church and cemetery
  5. Continue to clean and restore old gravestones
It is with great sadness that we say good-bye to Craig Henkle who passed away last October.  He maintained our website.  He did a wonderful job and will be greatly missed.  We are now looking for a volunteer to update and maintain the website so we can all stay informed of what’s happening at St. Ann’s.  If you are able to help us, please e-mail Gary Arold at gary.arold@arold.us or call       845-518-8002. It would be greatly appreciated.

      ​The Friends of St. Ann’s would be grateful if you would keep us in mind for your tax-deductible charitable gift giving.  It is through your generous support that the church is maintained throughout the year.  Please make your checks payable to:       “The Friends of St. Ann’s Church” and send your donations to our treasurer: Lisa Arold, 51 Powder Mill Bridge Road, Kingston, NY 12401

      ​Website information follows: for purchasing gravesites – http://www.saintanns.org/plots.html

      For information general information go to –

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

​MASSES FOR 2021 (at St. Ann’s)
        To Be Announced ​

        2021 MEETINGS (at St. Ann’s)
Wed. April 14 – 7 pm
      ​Wed. June 16 – 7 pm
Wed. August 18 – 7 pm
Wed. October 20 – 7 pm